The network is designed to create an online and offline community of practice such that interactions lead to an action, whether it be schools reaching out to businesses for hands on activities, or community involvement in student projects and initiatives.


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STEMHarmony is an online matchmaking service designed to pair educators and students in schools with STEM industry partners and Higher Ed who are actively supporting improved STEM education by providing great STEM experiences for K12 students and teachers.

Why Now?

We know that the most successful STEM schools now emerging nationwide to address the need for a better future STEM workforce are successful because of their collaborations with STEM industry partners to the benefit of teachers and students. And yet, it has historically been a challenge for such strategic partnerships to be forged. Due to the many demands on administrators and educators, average schools are not likely to be pro-active in searching for and engaging with industry partners and often lack the infrastructure and experience to make such partnership effective and long-term. In many cases partnership opportunities come about simply because a parent or friend associated with the school makes an informal connection based more on luck and timing than purposive strategy.

On the industry and higher education side, it is often difficult to navigate the complexities of multiple school districts, rules and permissions, find the desired demographics and teacher or student populations, and then gain the required commitment for programs or educational opportunities the company or organization wishes to support. Whether it be internships and externships, after-school or in-school projects, employee volunteer programs, teacher professional development training, field trips, etc … it is not easy to establish the necessary relationships with schools to conduct an organizational outreach strategy.

The need for industry integration is there and the potential benefits to our schools, teachers, students, companies, and ultimately our society is clear.

What’s in it for Schools?

Based on school and/or educator level profiles and needs articulation, STEMHarmony will make it easier, cheaper, and less time consuming for educators to establish STEM industry partnerships to support appropriate experiential STEM learning opportunities for their K12 students. STEMHarmony will include a back-end database that actively seeks appropriate partners based on user profile inputs and makes recommendations for potential matches – Making it easier for teachers to navigate corporate programs.

What’s in it for Industry?

Based on organizational or program level profiles and opportunity articulation, STEMHarmony will make it easier, cheaper, and less time consuming for STEM industry organizations to find appropriate school partners and establish partnerships to support experiential STEM learning outreach activities to K12 students and teachers. STEMHarmony will include a back-end database that actively seeks appropriate partners based on user profile inputs and makes recommendations for potential matches. For example, many companies must fall within guidelines for support (i.e. Is the school a Title 1 school? What percentage of kids are ESL learners? What is the schools STEM model?). STEMHarmony initiates matches based on your corporate guidelines.

In addition, STEMHarmony will include reporting and assessment tools and assistance to track the progress and outcomes of matches made in the system. Evaluation is an often neglected but essential component for establishing ROI for companies, educational impact for schools, and discovering what works, why and for whom so that future efforts can benefit.

How did it get started?

STEMHarmony is being launched by XSci – The Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative at the University of Colorado as part of the work of the Colorado Experiential STEM Learning Network. Funding support to sustain the site after launch will be derived from minimal participation fees from industry side partners and fees for different levels of evaluation services as desired for specific matched projects. Rates will be kept low recognizing that even small contributions from many sources will serve to benefit the greater community of STEM organizations.


Xperience STEM Conference

July 29th – August 1st, 2014

XSCONF-LOGO3Xperience STEM is a national conference on Experiential STEM Learning sponsored by the Merck Company Foundation right here in Denver. This conference will explore the many incarnations and benefits of experiential methods in STEM education, showcase the best experiential programs (many from Colorado), and provide attendees with a community of like-minded STEM advocates who are energized by the passion and potential only first-person experience can provide.

A Hallmark of this conference will be a series of extraordinary experiences for all — including getting out into the Colorado wilderness for unique science learning adventures facilitated through our partners such as the National Park Service and REI. If you are a teacher or school interested in joining Colorado Roots and Shoots, please contact

Check out the 2014 Conference Snapshot.



Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots

The Roots & Shoots service learning program introduces service projects in the context of a campaign, and the resources help you build awareness for, and communicate with your community about, your campaign.

The communication and community outreach aspects are important dimensions of service learning programs and incorporate different academic and life skills.

Empowering Kids to Make a Difference Now

A Roots & Shoots campaign will engage students and create an ongoing Roots & Shoots program with multiple service projects that truly engage students as participants and leaders. This curriculum-based service learning program guides you through your Roots & Shoots campaign – and we expect that when the journey is through, you’ll have many ideas on how you can expand and improve on future campaigns.

Service Learning Curriculum Components

  • Elementary campaign based on helping the Animal Community
  • Middle school campaign based on helping the Human Community
  • High school campaign based on helping the Environment